Top 5 online free Jupyter notebooks.

Kundan Kumar
3 min readMay 31, 2020

Online Jupyter notebooks have become better and better over the years by providing free GPU and TPUs which are definitely better than most people’s local machine.

Not only they run fast but require no installation or download and are easy to share and collaborate with.

Here are some of the best and free ones:

1. Google Colab

Google colab notebook

This Jupyter notebook is provided by google. It does not require a setup and the notebooks that you create can be simultaneously edited by your team members. Colab supports many popular machine learning libraries which can be easily loaded in your notebook. It provides free GPU as well as TPU.

Check it out here.

2. Deep notes

It is currently in early access but it is one of my favorites. You can debug your models with your colleagues and see what everyone does in real-time, just like Google Colab, it is really an amazing feature.

Check it out here.

3. Kaggle Kernels

A Kaggle kernel

Kaggle kernels are quite similar to Google Colab although there is no real-time coding feature. It does provide free GPU and TPU with a weekly time restriction.

Check it out here.

4. Azure Notebooks

Azure notebook

Perfect for data scientists, developers, students, or anyone. Develop and run code in your browser regardless of industry or skill-set. Supporting more languages than any other platform including Python 2, Python 3, R, and F#.

Check it out here.

5. CoCalc


These notebooks are designed for teaching, CoCalc’s Jupyter Notebooks fully support automatic grading! The teacher’s notebook contains exercise cells for students and test cells, some of which students can also run to get immediate feedback.

Check it out here.